Team Lead


Anthony Alabaster

“ANU Rocketry has been a wonderful experience filled with wonderful people. It has granted me the opportunity to explore my passions in ways that you don’t get in the classroom while providing me with valuable hands-on technical and personal experiences that I can relay back to my studies and to the real world.”

Team Members







Our structures team is the backbone of ANU Rocketry, as they oversee piecing together parts of the rocket. We assess the materials that will be used, test them, and manufacture the rocket. More specifically, the team designs and conducts the stress analysis of rocket structural components using computer aided design tools, such as SolidWorks and ANSYS. 

The team undertakes a range of systems engineering activities, namely requirements analysis, trade-off studies and verification/test procedure development. We select the commercial-off-the-shelf motors and recovery components and manufacture rockets using various methods, such as 3D printing, composite layup, machining and welding.  

So far, we’ve streamlined our composite layup practices by creating documentation and improving upskilling and training. We have completed a plethora of different carbon fibre and fibreglass composite layups including tubes, nosecones, and fin tip-to-tips, and done our fair share of machining on the lathe and mill on the side. 

As we look to building more competition rockets, we are aiming to achieve a greater level of consistency and quality in our manufacturing methods. This means researching and experimenting with new composite layup methods such as vacuum bagging and resin infusion and improving our machining skills.