Team Lead


Mady Hall

“Rocketry has provided such an amazing opportunity to learn, growth and most importantly make mistakes in an encouraging environment. Even as a business lead I have had the opportunity to learn hands-on technical skills across all of our sub-teams.”

Team Members














Our marketing and outreach team is involved with managing and creating social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tik Tok. We foster and maintain positive relationships with clubs, societies and groups, both at ANU and the wider community. 

The team is responsible for all visual designs for all our rockets and representation of our team, such as branding, logs, website and merchandise. Our team creates and organising outreach events for primary and secondary aged students in the ACT and surround. In these programs students learn about the basics of rocketry, design and sim their rocket on OpenRocket and then construct their rocket.  

This year alone the marketing and outreach team has put our outreach program into practice both in person and online. We have run our program with Curious Minds and in collaboration with Robogals Canberra for National Science Week 2022.  The team has also designed and applied our Project HALO vinyl along with up keeping the social medias with engagement showing incredible improvement. Most importantly our team has development and designed our entire website from the ground up! 

Marketing and outreach team members have also been active participates at launches throughout the year, continuing to demonstration that that everyone across ANU Rocketry is capable and given the opportunity to build and launch their own rockets.  

Looking forward the team hopes to hold more regular outreach program events on campus at ANU to encourage the community to dive into STEM, with a focus on getting young girls into STEM.  We are looking to increase the regularity of our social events for the team and continue our Women* in Rocketry coffee catch ups.  

Our partnership and budget team provides an oversight and management of finances of the team – both relating to income from partners and sponsors, as well as expenses via the budget. This ensures operations run smoothly and communicating with finance teams at ANU as required. 

In terms of partnership, we focus on generating revenue from external sponsors, as part of Rocketry’s ambitions to continue competing at high levels and eventually reach space.   

We’ve partnered with several internal and external institutions, many of which you can find on our Partnerships page, as well as some others that we’ll be excited to announce in the coming weeks! We’ve also been regularly liaising with the CECS admin team to organise the purchases necessary to build our Spaceport vehicle and help our team members get certified at launches. 

Our primary goal over the next 12 months is to source all the necessary funding to enable us to compete in Spaceport next year. The team is working hard to reach out to potential sponsors and ensure all our internal finances are in order.