Our Vision

On-going Mission

Our on-going mission is to design, simulate, develop and produce high-powered rockets containing a 2U CubeSat payload that will launch to 10,000 ft and 30,000 ft in a safe and accurate manner for the Australian Universities Rocketry Competition (AURC). We are taking the next steps to completing this mission with our newest two rockets; Halo and Aurora. Having only competed in the 10,000 ft at the last AURC, we are hopeful that this experience will enable us to draw more successes with both Halo and Aurora and in our many future years at the competition.

We aim to achieve this mission with the help of our diverse inter-disciplinary team of ANU students. We know that by standing by out core values we will be able to continue to achieve great things. Furthermore our on-going mission is propelled by our continuous strives to promote education, awareness and involvement in the aerospace industry with a spotlight on both diversity and inclusion.

long-term vision

Our long-term vision is to not only develop an inclusive team but one that is sustainable. One that will provide real opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom and get involved with the growing Australian aerospace industry. The realisation of this endeavour being a fully student-built rocket capable of reaching and delivering a payload to space.  With the aiming being that this rocket will make us the first Australian University team to reach space. To make this goal a reality ANU Rocketry will compete in the AURC and other domestic and international rocketry competitions to build lasting relationships within the industry. This will intern allow us to gain the necessary experience and key knowledge needed to construct our space bound rocket.