Harry Wetherill


Saakshi Dhakal

Our Executive Team in ANU Rocketry works alongside the leadership team to achieve our strategic vision. We work to co-ordinate with the team leads to help and support their teams.  

Liaising with academic and industry partners, we aim to foster positive relationships and future opportunities for the team and our team members. Our goal is to ensure the team has the best chance to achieve success, in both competitive pursuits and in the team’s long-term goals of achieving spaceflight and much more.  

Day to day operation include working with new members and team leads to ensure our objectives are met and our team members are included in our activities. 

The Executive also works to maintain a keen eye on the safety of our activities across the broad spectrum of operations, ensuring that the team holds a safety first mentality at all times. 

2022 has been defined by our revamping year. In the beginning of this year, we had the goal of re– energising our team through an upskilling program and obtaining more certifications. This was done in order to get our team in a position to compete in the Spaceport America Cup in 2023. This year we also recruited around 35 new members who have incorporated into our team via our Roadmap Program. On the Tripoli Rocketry Association certification side this year we have obtained 6 L1s, 2 L2s and on the way to obtain an L3! Our upskilling programs have also been a great success and the team is now truly ready for our next challenge!