Brian III

Brian III is a 7.5 cm diameter and 205 cm long model rocket made by Angie To, Broden Diggle and Matthew Robertson using a Katana kit. The team finished assembling the rocket in the University of Queensland labs on the weekend of the 12-13 of January.

Brian III was first launched at the Queensland Rocketry Society launch site with a J-class Motor which projected an apogee of 2411 ft (735 m) high in just 12.75 seconds, travelling at an average speed of 208 km/h. The rocket then deployed a two stage recovery system to ensure a safe landing, securing Broden’s L2 certification.

Matt and Harry then trekked up to Westmar to launch the Brian III for a second time, this time with an L-class motor to send it to an incredible apogee of 11,878 ft (3,620 m) – almost 2,000 ft higher than the final competition goal of 10,000 ft.