Logistics Officer


Madison Melton

Roadmap and Recruitment Coordinator


Rosie Welsh

Senior Advisor


Luan Dinh

Chief Engineer

Jerome Pong

Our Logistics Officer is responsible for all launch trips and the team’s facilities. Preparing for a launch trip is a heavily involved task, and includes organising accommodation, planning transport and routes, and liaising with the university to complete required risk assessments. It also includes things such as preparing meal plans and ordering snacks for the team. The Logistics Lead also communicates with the Roadmap and Certifications Lead to discuss launch plans and motor requirements to ensure the launch days run smoothly and all required materials are brought.  

Another aspect of the logistics role is the management of the team’s facilities on campus, including the storeroom, storage shed, and workshop space. We are in the process of upscaling our areas to make them more productive and useable to match the growth of the team. 

Our roadmap and certifications coordinator is responsible for two of ANU Rocketry’s most unique programs – the Roadmap onboarding program, and our Certifications program. The Roadmap is a 3-6 week onboarding opportunity for new recruits, which introduces all members to the basics of rocketry, allows them to meet our team leads and executive, and culminates in the launching of mid-powered vehicles! The roadmap is a unique opportunity that allows us to deliver on our mission of diversity and inclusion within our team. 

The Certifications program centers around building a pipeline of formally qualified members within our team. In Australia, rocketry qualifications are assessed according to Tripoli Levels – L1, L2 and L3. A key part of ANU Rocketry’s philosophy is giving students a practical, hands-on experience to supplement their work in the classroom. As such, all members are invited to participate in Certifications. The Certifications coordinator enables certifications attempts by organising launch opportunities, managing resources (from body tubes to avionics to rocket motors), and working collaboratively with members to develop their certification vehicles.  

Our Senior Advisor is a non-continuous position within ANU Rocketry that is appointed by the Executive and Leadership Team, and should be someone who has held a leadership position within our organisation. Principally, the Team Senior Advisor gives guidance to the Executive and Leadership Team on technical and strategic matters. This includes sitting in on important milestones such as design reviews, meetings with external sponsors or parties within the university, and giving guidance and advice on vehicle design choices, processes etc. Furthermore,  the Senior Advisor may assist new and inexperienced members from any sub-team with any rocketry related concerns, and help them with their rocket build, be it for general experimentation or for a certification attempt.  

The Chief Engineer plans for and oversees the ANU Rocketry Spaceport (SAC) vehicle. This includes organising and implement timelines and deliverable goals for the SAC Competition, managing and running regular meetings with the SAC sub team and with the Technical Team Leads, and overseeing the development of the budget for the Technical Teams as part of the SAC Competition. A further feature of the Chief Engineer role is to ensure the success of the SAC vehicle along with the implementation of a Technical Vision which aligns with the team’s technical capabilities.