Our Goals

Our Mission

To design, simulate, develop and produce a high-powered rocket containing a 4kg payload that will reach 10,000 ft in a safe and accurate manner for the Australian Universities Rocketry Competition (AURC). We aim to achieve this with the help of a diverse inter-disciplinary team of ANU students to promote education, awareness and involvement in the aerospace industry.

Our Vision

To develop an inclusive and sustainable team that will provide real opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom and get involved with the growing aerospace industry

Our Values

Our team is guided by our beliefs and commitment to:

  • Safety

    As outlined by our safety code, our team is committed in ensuring that safety is part of our culture and is a value adopted by all of our members  

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    We embrace cross-cultural , inter-disciplinary and gender diversity and strive to create an environment that is inclusive and safe for all

  • Fun

    We aim to provide real-world opportunities and unique experiences 

  • Sustainability

    We understand the importance of sustainability and long-term planning by applying sustainable processes and integrating social and environmental dimensions into financial decisions.

  • Enrichment and Innovation

    To provide students the opportunity to be creative and employ collaborative processes to improve their innovation and exposure to the aerospace industry

  • Achievement

    By applying a systems engineering approach, we aim to achieve high-quality results in all that we do