Our Mission

Our mission at ANU Rocketry is to bring together a diverse group of ANU students and embark on developing and testing high power rockets. By competing in the Australian University Rocketry Competition (AURC) we hope to materialize our efforts in two competition rockets reaching 10,000 ft and 30,000 ft. Further on we plan on competing in the American SpacePort which opens many new opportunities for developing a more customized design. Many teams bring custom liquid propelled engines and active control systems which ANU Rocketry is currently experimenting with. If all goes well in both competitions our long-term mission is to launch a rocket into space. To achieve this, various stakeholders will be sought out in the Canberra region to aid us on this journey.

Our Vision

In parallel with the growing Australian space industry we plan on developing our capabilities over the next few years. This development will be concluded with a launch to space, carrying a research payload to an altitude above 100 km. Many systems must be in place for such an undertaking to eventuate. As such ANU Rocketry is investing in its industry partners and the ANU research school of engineering and physics by forging strong connections.