Chloe Zell

Team: Safety

Degree: Engineering and Science

Major: Electronic and Communication Systems

Why did you join ANU Rocketry?

I’ve always loved astronomy, and then later became interested in engineering, rocketry is the perfect combination of the two.  I also wanted to get some hands-on experience in teamwork, and a chance to put some of the concepts I have learned in the first year of my engineering degree into practice.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Launching Rockets!

3 Fun Facts about Yourself:

  1. Christmas is my favourite time of year, mostly because of the food
  2. I’ve started a small garden in my room, I started with one plant but somehow ended up with five more?
  3. I usually have a screwdriver on me at all times, just in case

Dreams and Aspirations:

I don’t have any particular job or career path in mind, I just want to do work that matters.  I’d love to work in the aerospace industry or in renewable energy.


I enjoy archery and bushwalking, as well as amateur astronomy

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