Jacob McNaughton

Team: Business

Degree: Engineering and Commerce

Major: Biomedical and Marketing

Why did you join ANU Rocketry?

I wanted to get involved with something that was both hands-on and interesting, launching rockets fulfilled all the necessary criteria. It is also good to be involved in a large, multi-faceted team!

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Travelling overseas, studying and launching rockets!

3 Fun Facts about Yourself:

  1. I made the state NSW spelling bee finals in primary school
  2. I have done a Himalayan hike wearing Birkenstocks
  3. I am one degree of separation away from the guy who invented the theory of degrees of separation

Dreams and Aspirations:

I want to travel the world, work on interesting projects and connect with interesting people!


Sport, Photography, Running, Music and Tech

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