Team Lead


Caroline Blair

“Joining ANU Rocketry this year has been one of the best experiences in my time at university. It amazes me how many passionate, dedicated and talented students are on the team. They make it such an empowering environment which has allowed me to develop my confidence in myself and my abilities and meet incredible people along the way. “

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Our payload team manage the technical aspect of research partnerships and develop meaningful in-house scientific research payloads. We are responsible for both the integration of partner’s payloads into our rockets and the research, design, and manufacturing of custom payloads.  

This includes the development of custom telemetry systems and inertial measurement unit PCBs for our avionics team, and the development of camera systems for onboard imagery. We are currently in the process of reaching out to potential research partners to collaborate with on a scientific payload for our Spaceport America Cup entry next year. 

Last year the payload team developed a custom camera fin system in-house located in the nose cone of Project Halo capable of recording images and videos during flight. In addition, the payload team was responsible for the integration, insulation, support and payload bay design of a UV Spectrograph for Project Astra 

With the recent relaunch of our payload team this year we plan on being able to design and manufacture custom PCBs for our payload and avionics subsystems as well as designing payloads in a CubeSat structure. We are also looking to take an active role in the process of manufacturing scientific payloads in collaboration with researchers along with integrating these structures into our rockets.