Project Astra

10,000 ft Division of AURC

2.3 kg

Propellant Mass

Lightweight- Composites

Body Tube Material


Overall Competition Rank

4 Kg

Functional Payload Capability

GPS Tracking

For Recovery and Flight Data

1713 Newtons

Maximum Thrust from M1101 Motor


Project Astra was ANU Rocketry’s first entry into AURC in 2019. We achieved second place in flight performance and placed third overall in the 2019 AURC competition. Project Astra was very much a learning experience for the team. Our team was 18 months behind our other competitors as from commencement to completion of the rocket was only 6 months. This brought great challenges throughout the design, construction and testing of Astra, but allowed us to gain many valuable skills and knowledge which will be vital for our current projects Halo and Aurora.