ANU Rocketry is a diverse and innovative team of ANU students who are researching, designing and constructing high powered rockets. Building on our success at AURC 2019, ANU Rocketry will be implementing an active air-brake system in our AURC 2020 design. We also have aspiration to become the first Australian university team to reach space.

We’re Heading to Space

Using advanced additive manufacturing techniques and computational analysis we are currently designing and testing an active air-braking system to increase the altitude accuracy of our 2020 AURC rocket design. To return to AURC 2020 stronger than ever, ANU Rocketry is focusing on pushing the boundaries of the materials, processes and rocketry knowledge and experience that we have in our 2019-20 team. After completing the 2020 AURC competition our focus will turn towards competing in the American SpacePort competition and in 2024 to be the first Australian university team to reach space.

About Us

ANU Rocketry comprises an enthusiastic group of ANU students from a range of disciplines who design, build and test high power rockets. The goals of ANU Rocketry include competing in the AURC competitions and eventually the American SpacePort and even reaching space. For more information see the about us page.

Get In Touch

  • rocketry@anu.edu.au
  • 0413 357 275