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Our team continued to grow our community outreach and connection not only with our university student population but into the wider community of Canberra and Australia wide. We have done this through various programs, events and social media campaigns. We use social media to enhance our engagement with the online community and we continue to collaborate with local groups to reach out to the wider community. We also participate in National Science Week every year, which always draws large crowds and participation.

As a team, we continue to strive for gender equality. We collaborate to with other groups who align with our values. We run market days, panel events and trivia nights to encourage more people to take an interest in science in a fun and exciting way. Our team is currently preparing the school’s outreach programs for both primary and high school students. These programs aim to encourage more students from diverse backgrounds to venture into the world of STEM. 

We offer a number of workshops with our most popular one steps through the basics of rocketry, simulating your own rocket and then building it!

If you are interested in collaborating with our team, please contact us.