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The purpose of research and development is to explore new ideas and develop them into something that can further future desires of ANU Rocketry. We aim to produce useful tools, equipment and systems that can applied across Rocketry projects. Our main RnD project is the development of liquid rocket engine systems spearheaded by our Propulsion team.  

For our propulsion team, the goal is to develop a liquid rocket engine development platform that allows for inhouse designed, manufactured and tested liquid rocket engines. We are currently working on testing our in-house constructed test stand platform; when confident with the system, we will move to hot firing our first rocket engine. That engine will be additively printed and is in the design and development phase.  

Our future work is to successfully hot fire a 2.5kN thrust output engine, then move the team to develop a 10kN thrust output engine that will have the capability of reaching space. 

ANU Rocketry’s ultimate mission is to attempt a space launch. All goals and milestones leading up to this goal will have prepared the team through years of hard work, dedication and passion. A successful space flight would land us in the history books, as we would be the first ever Australian university team to complete a space flight with our own in-house developed liquid fuel.