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Our Team's Vision

Our vision is to expose members to different facets of the aerospace industry, allowing students to apply their learning and talents outside of the classroom. We aim to deliver a fun and fulfilling experience year-on-year, launching rockets to newer heights.   

We intend to achieve our vision by

  • Competing annually in intervarsity competitions with both 10,000ft and 30,000ft rocket entries, depending on the competition, developing these vehicles in-house with guidance from our network of skilled alumni and academic advisors.  
  • We are continuing to develop the practical skills and knowledge of all members through technological development and involvement in outreach programs. 
  • Continuing to diversify our team and striving to be more inclusive in our recruitment and culture. ANU Rocketry must always be a welcoming environment where members feel valued, appreciated, and fulfilled with their work. 
  • Developing a self-sufficient team through a pipeline of certified members to ensure we can consistently launch high-powered rockets at intervarsity competitions.  

Our Core Values


Core to each of ANU Rocketry’s activities is safety. Safety is the number one priority of all Rocketry members, and we strive to maintain our record of flying & retrieving our high-power rockets in a safe and fun environment. Within ANU Rocketry, safety is a culture, rather than an afterthought.  

ANU Rocketry flies under NFPA 1127 and the Tripoli Safety Code documents to ensure the safety of all flight operations. Rocketry launches are covered under the Tripoli Rocketry Association’s (TRA) insurance scheme, covering damages and providing a framework for safe launch site operations, via TRA membership launches. These codes represents the minimum safety standards that the ANU Rocketry team is dedicated to upholding. In addition to this, we also apply industry workplace health and safety standards to reinforce our code.  

Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace cross-cultural interchange and recognise how important it is to communicate and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Through the development of the awareness for our differences we have grown a new appreciation for the characteristics learned when embracing one another’s diversity. 

Our inter-disciplinary team has enabled us to not only succeed in rocketry competitions but to develop ourselves and our knowledge from business to avionics. With focus on gender diversity we have and will continue to strive to create an environment that is inclusive and safe for all members. 

Enrichment and Innovation

We strive to enrich the lives of students by providing them the opportunity to be supported by like-minded driven and dedicated peers in an environment which is entirely student run. Our team is constantly looking for ways to improve students access to innovative processes by employing collaborative processes to demonstrate the importance of partnerships and support. 

We have developed an environment at ANU Rocketry that increases students exposure to the aerospace industry, allowing them to gain contacts and references for the future. With our growing group of amazing alumni we have also been able to grow our own partnership base, which has in turn enabled the further enrichment of our students time at ANU Rocketry.